What the World Needs Now Is Another Foodie Blog. NOT!

But, I couldn’t help myself I was inspired to start writing because I love cooking, tasting, and shopping for food, particularly in exotic locations, and also love reading same. So, instead of being merely a consumer of others’ musings, I’m going to start giving back to the global community and share some of my own.

A little about myself: I am a vegetarian who eats fish, aka a pescatarian, but doesn’t that sound pretentious? I mean, the word “pescatarian” doesn’t even pass muster from spell check. I espouse eating local, cooking slow food, and traveling far and wide to eat at foodie hang-outs. I keep lists of restaurants I want to try and places I want to visit on my phone. You may wonder why I have a problem with the word pescatarian sounding pretentious?!

The blog’s title:  references a few themes.  adventures in eating refers to dining with my family, as I consider many meals (whether home-cooked, take away or in a restaurant) to be adventures. What will or won’t my carnivorous husband eat? How much can my omnivorous 2 year old son possibly eat in one sitting? What will wind up on the floor/his chair/my hair/my lap, etc? The phrase “and Everything After” is from the title of a popular 90s band’s debut album. If you have to ask “who”, keep it to yourself so you don’t depress me with your youth.

What you can expect: I’ll share what’s for dinner tonight, the aftermath, how I’m using this week’s CSA pick up, cool places I am visiting, cool places I’d like to visit and general comments on food, eating, cooking and foodie writing.

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