What do you do with Garlic Scapes?

We have picked up garlic scapes from our local CSA for the past few weeks and I know everybody says “use them just like garlic,” but I grew bored of our standard take on spaghetti all’aglio olio with garlic scapes in place of regular garlic. So I searched online and found a recipe for Scape Pesto. What can I say, but delish. Sooo addictive, and much more interesting than regular pesto. Basically, you use scapes in place of garlic, and you can use different types of nuts.

I used pistachios, which was also handy because I had some shelled pistachios on hand that had seen better days. The pesto was a “forgiving” way to use them. Check out the recipe I used on Epicurious. You can also use almonds, as in the recipe linked to in the first paragraph.

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