Verdict on Whole, Roasted Snapper: Easy weeknight meal

Ready to serve: Roasted Red Snapper

Well, folks, the Whole Roasted Snapper was indeed an easy weeknight meal. As long as you don’t count the minutes lost to anxiety, it took about 7 minutes prep time in total. I spent 5 minutes prepping the ingredients (slice lemons, smash garlic, wash herbs) and then dressing the fish (rub with olive oil and salt, stuff with lemon slices, herbs and garlic).  It took another 2 minutes to open the bottle of white wine, then pour a glass onto the fish and a glass for myself.  In fact, my little helper Sam even enjoyed assisting in the prep and documentation (hence the nickname “Nemo” for the snapper).

Gone in seconds: Crispy Baked “Potato Chips”

I removed the head and tails and main skeleton at the kitchen countertop, serving quasi-fillets for dinner. The fish was quite juicy and tender, and probably would have benefited from even a few minutes less in the oven. I will update my recipe accordingly. And needless to say, these crispy, baked, “potato chips” were also a hit. Clean plates all around.

Now, time to focus on Thanksgiving planning. We are T minus 1 week.

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