Seasonal and Local: Crispy Caramelized Brussel Sprouts

I will readily admit that I used to hate Brussel Sprouts. I thought they were bitter, ugly and generally unpleasant. They were truly one of the only vegetables I didn’t eat. Then a few years ago I hit the tipping point – I tasted Crispy Caramelized Brussel Sprouts. Slightly crunchy, chewy, super flavorful, salty, with a touch of sweetness. Life changing. I have played around with the recipe, but basically it as follows.

Crispy Caramelized Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts: Trimmed, split and ready to cook

Wash and trim the brussel sprouts, slicing off the end of the stem and cutting them in half lengthwise. Peel and smash 4-6 cloves of garlic. Preheat oven to 400F.

Take an ovenproof pan or baking dish (cast iron pan works great, or even a pyrex dish) and pour a healthy glug of olive oil in it. Make sure to select a pan that is large enough to allow you to place the brussel sprouts in one layer. Heat olive oil in pan over medium heat on stovetop for several minutes until hot. Arrange brussel sprouts, cut side down in one layer in pan and toss in garlic, sprinkle some kosher salt on top . Leave on stove top 8- 10 minutes untouched, letting underside caramelize. You may need to adjust the heat of the burner to medium low.

Caramelizing on the stove top in cast iron pan

Place pan in oven and cook for another 10 – 15 minutes or so until brussel sprouts are cooked through. Test with a fork, or taste one to see if they are tender. You will have beautiful browned, yet still green brussel sprouts.  Serve warm or cold. Enjoy

Crispy, Caramelized Brussel Sprouts

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  1. Going to make these for Thanksgiving. Your post has caused some of my hubs’s warnings (delivered in a rising tone over the last few days) to sink in, and I realize that I should come up with some ideas about what else to serve for Thanksgiving besides turkey

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