Saturday Night’s Alright For Flyin’ (butterflying as in chicken, that is)

So the chicken was not from Wolfe Spring Farm. They were all out. Its no surprise because theirs was some of the best chicken I’d ever tasted (a close second to the free roaming grubandwhoknowswhatelse eating Rancho Margot birds we had in Costa Rica)  Otherwise, the meal was a celebration of WSF’s bounty.

Grille Roasted Brussel Sprouts, cauliflower and Broccoli melange. So delicious. Toss in olive oil, salt and pepper, put on grill until done. I had this for lunch during the week.

Grille Roasted Carrots. Look at how gorgeous they are. They tasted even better. Again, a very simple preparation: Olive oil, salt pepper.

Now for the weird part: Grilled turnip planks. We’d tried grilled potato planks but nothing else. This turnip was farmin’ huge so we gave it a shot. Slice thick, toss with salt, let rest in salt for 20 mins or so, rinse, nuke  on low for 10 mins to soften up a bit. Toss in olive oil salt and pepper, grill on medium heat, off direct flame until done. Sprinkle some coarse salt before serving warm. I bet even Hubs would like these!!

Cauliflower, sprouts and broccoli, Oh My!

I bet you monsters lead the most innnnnteresstin’ lives……

Warning! Pic not safe for work

Our grille is really not filthy, its just the flash……..
Note modesty skillet and turnip planks

You must try these: smoky, earthy surprising.

A most fabulous un-fabulous meal.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Night’s Alright For Flyin’ (butterflying as in chicken, that is)

  1. Dan, you’ve been holding out. What a great haul! Broccoli and celery and a turnip! Am intrigued by the braised/grilled turnip. Must try. And tell me more about the carrots. Cooked on the stove top?

    • It was a great haul. I didn’t mention that the celery was beautiful, crisp and very flavorful. We made a simple celery salad with a basic warm vinaigrette. I cooked the carrots in the oven. 400 for about 30 mins then 250 until they were tender and browned.

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