Preschool Thanksgiving Celebration: The Crisis of What to Bring?

If you have kids, you are undoubtedly invited to some sort of Thanksgiving concert/luncheon/festival at your child’s school. My son’s school celebration is on Tuesday and I’m bringing…drumroll…Crispy Caramelized Brussel Sprouts! No muffins, no stuffing, no pumpkin pie. That’s right – I am putting a stake in the ground and bringing a vegetable, and a “difficult” one at that. Even I used to dislike the mighty Brussel Sprouts and am only a recent convert. Despite what you may be thinking, my 2 1/2 year old eats and enjoys these.

Crispy, Caramelized Brussel Sprouts

Will I be a rock star for bringing a healthy, savory side dish to the table, or snickered at for quasi Grinch-like behavior?

I promise to report out the results, baring my soul to you all. Tell me what you think about my controversial choice. Please post your comments below.

Crispy Caramelized Brussel Sprouts @ school: All Gone

3 thoughts on “Preschool Thanksgiving Celebration: The Crisis of What to Bring?

  1. How did it go? Did they enjoy them?

    I think I am going to do my fermented cranberry sauce over plain yogurt (like a parfait) and fermented pineapple/papaya chutney as a salsa. T’s school doesn’t do a ‘Thanksgiving Feast’ but has ‘Grandparents Day’ and TONS of food in the multipurpose room…usually pastries, cheese and crackers, cookies, etc. I feel like I need to add some probiotics to the mix 😉

    • It was the clean plate club! Mostly the teachers and parents, but lots of compliments and requests for the recipe. Success!
      Thank you for asking. And the fermented cranberry sauce sounds delish

      Happy Thanksgiving!

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