Post DIY Stock, DIY Thanksgiving Stuffing??

What comes after making your own Vegetable Stock? Thanksgiving stuffing, or dressing as called by some, cannot be far behind. Thanksgiving is all about tradition, and we have always made stuffing from the Pepperidge Farm cubed bread in a bag. But as I am getting bolder in my DIY ways, I am tempted to veer off course and try my own hand. This article by Julia Moskin from the NY Times has me thinking….

At the end of the day, the Pepperidge Farm bagged variety is nothing more than seasoned bread. But it does have a strong track record and brand.

What’s your preference?

One thought on “Post DIY Stock, DIY Thanksgiving Stuffing??

  1. How is Hubs? Did he make it through the storm? I have been so worried that he ate noting but Oreos and Rice Krispy treats when you were re-platforming. Let me know he is OK. Thanks.

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