Pizza for Breakfast?

I don’t think I’m the only one who loves a slice of leftover pizza for breakfast. What about a fresh, grilled pizza for breakfast? The thick meaty tomatoes from Wolfe Spring Farm prompted us to give it a try. Our weekend guest had brought a few cheeses. A buratta which we used on our bruschetta and a nice fresh mozzarella from Murray’s in Grand Central Terminal. Tomatoes, mozzarella? Fresh basil in the garden? Caprese salad? No, PIZZA! We had two crusts from Berkshire Mountain Bakery in the freezer and did this: Sliced the tomatoes, pushed out most of the seeds, salted them and let them drain for an hour or so in the sun. They got nice and tender and dried out a bit. Fortunately, I had roasted some garlic this week so we smeared a few cloves of roasted garlic on each crust, then rubbed some olive oil on them too. Sliced and layered on the mozzarella. ;aye red on the cheese, added a little salt and lots of freshly found black pepper, and grilled the whole thing for about 15 minutes. Then, we sprinkled one of them with fresh basil from the garden, and the other one with basil, fresh chopped oregano and some nasturtium flowers. I have to admit, the nasturtium flowers were for looks. Even though they are edible and have a delicate peppery taste, it was unnecessary and, frankly, weird. The pizza had a delicious blackened crust and a simple earthy taste from the garlic, tomatoes and cheese. Tonight, we’ll have leftover breakfast pizza for dinner!

PS – Deb, blogging is hard! I don’t know how you keep up!

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