Nukular Korn

It was me all by my lonesome self last night for dinner and I didn’t feel like doing much work. BUT……I’ve been wanting to have the corn from Wolfe Spring Farm that we picked up on Saturday, courtesy of Deb and Paul. I did NOT want to boil a big pot of water or start up the grill. So to the internets I went. I figured there must be a way to cook fresh corn in the microwave. There is! And it is easy and great. Start with good, fresh corn (got that) next, sprinkle some salt on the corn (got that) wrap it in cling wrap (ditto) and nuke it for 1.5 minutes per ear. I did one ear at a time. They came out really hot, juicy and delicious, thanks to the great, delicate tasting “butter and sugar” corn from WSF. I was pleasantly surprised. I still prefer to cook them in a big pot of boiling water but this is a good method to have some fresh corn with out the fuss.

Fine artisanal ingredients

Wrap it up

Microlecular Gastronomy

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  1. OK, so a number of folks have commented to me in person about this technique. Most were along the lines of “Aren’t you afraid of getting cancer and dying an early death from the toxic carcinogenic polymers that are released from the cling wrap when heated to a high temperature?” Well, who wouldn’t be. So if that’s all true never mind and just boil or grille your corn.

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