Food Idols

I will have lots more to say on this topic, but I will start by writing a brief post on one of my favorite food personalities – Mark Bittman. He is awesome. He is entertaining, down to earth, and trying to save the planet in his own way. From a tactical perspective, his cookbooks are purpose-built and highly functional.

Few to no foodie glam shots, but easy to follow and accurate recipes of food you want to prepare with ingredients that are accessible. What more could you want? If anyone has been in my kitchen, s/he will know that his “How to Cook Everything” is my Bible. It is dog-eared, spine-ripped and food splattered. It is the updated “Joy of Cooking” that you will actually use. If you like to cook, or want to start cooking, buy this book NOW.

Bittman is a NY Times columnist and wrote an interesting food diary/travelogue on his recent cross country trip in today’s edition. Check it out if you have a moment.

I like this man so much that I almost joined a running club because I heard he was a member. It entailed meeting at 5 AM on weekday mornings. Like I said, I thought about it.

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