Fired-Up Fingerlings

The first thing we did with the awesome Wolfe Spring Farm bounty that Deb and Paul so kindly shared with us was to roast the fingerling potatoes. It’s a basic recipe that can be made with a number of different ingredients. Here, we washed the WSF potatoes, pricked them with a fork, tossed them in salt, olive oil, sliced jalapeƱo peppers (WSF), smashed garlic (WSF), a little lime juice and some fresh lime slices (Stop and Shop, kind of local: Canaan CT) and stuck them on the grille in an enameled metal pan (sourced locally: the New Marlborough transfer station dumptique!). They brown nicely, take on a delicious char and are delicious tossed with some fresh chopped epazote (our garden) when still warm. You could do this with lemons and black pepper and parsley, or any combination of spices and herbs you want.

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