Bright, Citrus-y Pepper Pasta

Citrus-y Pepper Pasta

Citrus-y Pepper Pasta to brighten your winter night

In advance of our Oscars party, we revisited a classic recipe, adapted from The Red Cat restaurant cookbook – Spaghetti with Citrus-y Pepper Sauce.
I used

rozen bell peppers from our CSA. And as the peppers are already sliced up, we put this delicious dish together in about 25 minutes.

If you’ve got some peppers in your freezer, try this recipe. For your consideration.

2 thoughts on “Bright, Citrus-y Pepper Pasta

    • Hi Tammy,
      Thanks for reading and your comment. You squeeze half a lemon on the pasta right at the very end, before serving. It really freshens up the dish and balances the olive oil, peppers and bread crumbs.

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